Isolation Salvation Mixed Dozen

Isolation Salvation Mixed Dozen


Never fear, Doc’s Isolation Salvation Pack is here!

Don’t hibernate while isolating, celebrate it whilst going on a spiritual journey with Doc’s Isolation Salvation Pack.

We have put together a slick dozen, along with some pairing suggestions to help keep you entertained throughout any possible hiatus from the world as we know it. Also, someone will get their pack for free, will it be you?

If you think the drinking order that these wines are listed in breaks the rules, maybe you haven’t heard, there aren’t any rules anymore! Also, we’re not suggesting that you drink them all in one go. This is meant to tie you over through your isolation period, and don’t forget to come see Doc when you emerge from your Isolation Cocoon. We’ll be here waiting for you.

Which wines are in the pack & how do we propose you enjoy them during your isolation?


How to commence the initialisation of world separation with your Isolation Salvation Pack,... Say that three times!

1) First, ease into it with a…Chardonnay and a selection of some decadent cheese & Crackers


2) Get comfy with some…Pinot Gris & a bunch of Drew Barrymore films. You know you want to!


3) Look at some old photos of socialising with friends while drinking…Rosé & dancing to Pink’s “So what?!”


4) Play Master Chef with...Sauvignon Blanc and a home-made Tom Yum Soup (you can get it in a jar!!)


5) Get Philosophical with…Tempranillo & some European Literature that you always said you would get to reading one day…guess what, it’s one day now!


6) Dress up like you’re in a James Bond Film with…2013 Cabernet & make a decadent Toasty with Brie, Prosciutto, and Beerenberg’s Blood orange & cognac jelly


7) Go Dark with…1838 Shiraz’s dark rich flavours and Slow cooked lamb shanks with garlic mash and bay leaves. Break out the Candelabra.


8) Call someone you miss with…Sparkling Shiraz & a bowl of FruChocs! Tissues may be required.


9) Thoughts turn wintery with…Doc’s tawny drizzled over ice cream, topped with dates and honey roasted cashews


10) Watch the disaster movie “2012” with…2012 Black label Cabernet, and be comforted knowing that disasters do come to an end


11) Think Tropical island getaway in your own home with a…Moscato & Gin Cocktail (recipe included), Bathers/Bikini optional!


12) Finally Come out of it with a bang…Pop the Sparkling Blanc & Celebrate by kissing someone you care about, ‘cause now you can!


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